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Fantastiqa is a new game by Alf Seegert (The Road to Canterbury and others) and published by Gryphon Games.

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Here is what critics and gamers at BoardGameGeek have to say about Fantastiqa

"I love this game... Fantastiqa is fantastic." (The Dice Tower, with Tom and Melody Vasel)

"Did I like it? Silly question! This game is charming and nasty in equal measures!
Five well deserved magical gems for this supremely enjoyable game! "
(Paco Garcia Jaen, G*M*S Magazine)

"Beautiful artwork, simple gameplay, depth of play, and amazing components make Fantastiqa a real winner.... Alf Seegert has created a really fantastic game here, and it may be one of the best games I’ve played in a while." (Robert Kalajian, Purple Pawn)

"Unlike any other deck-building games you’ve played before. In Fantastiqa, players discover themselves in a 'land of fabled beasts and fantastical quests,' subduing creatures and recruiting them as allies to fulfill quests... Whimsical fairy-tale theme is backed up with beautiful paintings...a rewarding experience for those who venture into its realm." (Jonathan Liu, WIRED / Geekdad)

"Truly delightful rompous adventure" (schyllic)

"There is a lot more here than first meets the eye. This is a game where theme matters, and I have to say this is the first game that has ever just outright charmed me! (Jacovis)

"Best deckbuilder I've played. Feels much more like a 'game' than a shuffle fest. Love the theme." (OxfordRow)

"It's a beautifully surreal adventure and likely will be played many, many times in the future." (Occupy Boardwalk)

"A very thematic game where you can actually believe you are questing in the game... a rare feat in deck-building games where it usually just feels like you are doing card-driven math. In addition, as in The Road to Canterbury, the quality of the components are very high. Highly recommended." (msweazey)

"Charming, whimsical, full of theme, and...challenging. A much deeper game than it seems on the surface, making it fun to play, not only because of the wonderful theme, but also because of great mechanics and game play. 'I do say, chap, Alf has hit it out of the park with this one! That is what those Yanks say, isn't it?' 
'Why, yes, I believe they do!' 'Now, which way should we go? Should we vanquish the troll or the witch?'"(cthulhux)

"Top quality components, I could beat someone to death with the box. Fun artwork, definitely doesn't take itself seriously and that's what I like about it. Also the wife is a big fan... Bonus." (Pottedmeat)

"Gameplay is fast, furious, and tense. Another great sleeper title from Alf Seegert." (imarx)

"Exactly what a deck builder should be!!! " (Bhobs)

"Very similar to Mage Knight except with a human level of complexity. A little oblique to start out but it ends up developing through quite an arc.... Overall very satisfying experience." (heavydisking)

"The next cool thing in deck building." (Apple Paul)

"Great combination of deck building & adventuring... Very fast, very elegant, very fun to play.... What we hoped Mage Knight would have been... really streamlined... Best yet from designer Alf Seegert." (Richard Ham's Boardgame Walkthrough Videos)

"I liked it a hell of a lot. It’s one of the few games I’ve ever given a 9 star rating to on BoardGameGeek. It’ll be in my collection forever and will be one of my go-to games for some time to come." "Here’s the clincher for me about this game – there is a lot going on, but it never feels that way. I never got the sense of clutter that some eurogames give. I was never overwhelmed by choices or struck with analysis paralysis, despite all that’s going on. Alf’s managed to hit on a wonderful combination of interesting and diverse things to do, without overwhelming players. The game is simple on the surface but deeply strategic." (Ben Gerber, Troll in the Corner)

"Fantastiqa, the newest creation by Alf Seegert, who you may know from Trollhalla or The Road to Canterbury, takes you on a deck-building journey through the realm of fairy tales. Starting out with your cat and your spatula you subdue mystic creatures who will in turn help you with the conquest of other creatures. Once your unlikely group of monsters has grown enough you can embark on quests that may have had an intimate encounter with the alliteration fairy but will make you win the game. Oh, almost forgot to mention: Fantastiqa has greeple! That’s right, gryphon meeple." (Meople's Magazine)

"Finally, a deck building game with rabbits." (Andrew Snyder)